Home Security Plans are designed to provide you coverage that keeps you and your home safe. Home security plans typically include 24 hour monitoring and affordable monthly payments.

    Key Benefits of Home Security Systems

  • 24/7 monitoring and support services
  • Get a discount on homeowners insurance
  • Monitor your home remotely
  • Reduce energy consumption with home automation
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Add-on services and features available

Home Security Plans

Complete protection for your home & your peace of mind

Is your home really safe? House fires, robberies, and violent crime on your property are just a few threats to your safety and peace of mind.

FBI crime reports from 2012 reveal the majority of burglaries occur during broad daylight hours and account for 23.4% of all property crimes in the United States. Even if you live in a low-crime area, there is always a risk that somebody will break into your home — even when you are at your property. House fires can occur when a heater malfunctions or when cooking equipment catches on fire. This is why the CDC recommends installing and maintaining smoke alarms on every floor.

You can protect your home and your family from burglars, fires, and violent crime by installing a home security system.

Home security plans provide everything from home automation and alarms, to video surveillance systems. Often times, plans offer 24/7 monitoring so you can have some peace of mind that your property is secure.

    Do I really need home security products?

    You should consider Home Security Products if you want to:

  • Protect you home from intruders and prevent break-ins
  • Protect your home from house fires
  • Reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Protect your valuables from burglars
  • Save money on homeowners insurance
  • Monitor your home remotely
  • Get emergency medical assistance at the touch of a button
  • Make your basement or garage more secure

How Home Security Systems Work

Home security systems provide a wide range of features to protect your home. You typically pay a low monthly rate for service and a specialist will come by and install all the sensors and alarms around your home.

Preventing theft of your property is always a priority but you also need to consider ways to prevent house fires, detect high levels of carbon monoxide, and make sure your basement and garage are secure. You can do all of that — and more — with a home security system.

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