Pet Insurance provides coverage to help with costs associated with veterinarian care for your pet.

    Key Benefits of Pet Insurance

  • AAA & AARP members may qualify for plan discounts
  • Makes veterinary care more affordable
  • Lifetime coverage for your pet
  • Coverage typically includes emergency care and surgery
  • Annual and per-visit deductible options available

Pet Insurance

Keep your furry friends healthy & save on vet costs

You love your pet as if it was a family member. Keeping your dog or cat in good health is always a priority which means making regular trips to the veterinary office but those costs can add up. According to the American Pet Product Association’s 2011-2012 survey, pet owners spent an average of $248 for routine vet visits for their dog and $219 for their cat. If your furry friend was in an accident or got sick, they may need surgery or other advanced procedures. You could easily end up with a few thousand dollars in medical bills over the course of a year.

Would you be able to pay their vet bills without stress?

Pet insurance can provide the coverage you need to manage health care expenses for your best friend. The cost of treatment, emergency room visits, blood work, and surgery could be covered by pet insurance which means your best friend would be able to get the treatment they need right when they need it.

Keep your furry friend well.

    Should I buy Pet Insurance?

    You should consider Pet Insurance if you:

  • Are concerned about the cost of serious emergencies
  • Just got a puppy
  • Can spare just $1 a day to have your pet insured
  • Want access to licensed veterinarians in your area
  • Don’t want the stress of caring for a sick pet
Even the vet loves your pet.\!

How Pet Insurance Works

Pet insurance works slightly differently than regular health insurance plans. When your pet is covered and you find yourself at the vet’s office in an emergency, you simply submit a claim and will get reimbursed for covered expenses. You can customize your plan with different reimbursement levels and deductibles. This makes it easy to get the coverage you want at a price you can afford. As long as your pet is receiving treatment for anything unrelated to a pre-existing condition, you will be covered for services such as:

Office visits are generally not covered — you are responsible for paying a co-pay — but your monthly premium ensures coverage for all other treatment costs with no caps or maximum limits.

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