Savings Plans are plans that charge a low monthly fee, or membership fee, for access to exclusive discounts and deals.

    Key Benefits of Savings, Rewards & More

  • Discount shopping and entertainment plans available
  • Vehicle towing and fuel delivery
  • Cell phone protection and deductible reimbursement
  • Save money on everyday purchases
  • Enjoy perks like roadside assistance, dining, grocery coupons and more!

Savings, Rewards & More

Saving money just got a whole lot easier

If you want to make sure you’re paying the lowest possible price for everyday household and living expenses, you’ll probably benefit most from savings plans. With these plans, you pay a low monthly fee, or membership fee, for access to exclusive discounts and deals. You’ll find plenty of participating providers and companies offering discounted rates and offers year round so you won’t have to waste time shopping around for the best deal or waiting for a sale.

Savings plans make it easy for you to save money on every purchase year round. Enjoy perks like roadside assistance, dining discounts, and grocery coupons delivered right to your door. Explore savings plans above and discover the wealth of discounts available to you when you go grocery shopping, travel, and take care of those everyday expenses.

Enjoy the good things in life without the high price tag. Our savings plans help you trim down the cost of your grocery bill, save you money at your favorite restaurant, provide travel protection, and even save on legal fees. Cut costs the easy way so you can save more for college, retirement, or a vacation.

Savings plans provide members-only discounts and big savings on household purchases so you’ll be saving money every time you buy. Get access to great deals and special pricing from savings plan providers above.

    Do I really need Savings, Rewards & More?

    Here are some things you can do with your savings plans:

  • Travel with peace of mind. Even if you already have travel insurance, your insurance company might not cover the cost of trip cancellations provide lost luggage reimbursement. For just a few dollars a month, you could get extended travel benefits that end up saving you hundreds of dollars in the event of a travel emergency.
  • Get grocery coupons and discounts on dining. Stop clipping coupons and save on weekly groceries. You can get hundreds of dollars of coupons in the mail and discounts at restaurants with a Grocery Rewards Plan.
  • Get discounted restaurant dining certificates. Love to eat out? Get a discount on restaurant dining certificates for yourself or friends of family. Never pay the full price of a meal at your favorite restaurant ever again!
  • Automotive benefits. You probably already pay for car insurance but you may have to pay for roadside assistance and a deductible in an emergency situation. Take advantage of extended automotive benefits rolled into the Travelers Edge Savings Plan.
  • Identity theft restoration services. If you end up being a victim of identity theft, you’ll need legal help to repair your credit and restore your identity. Save on attorneys fees and enjoy extra perks with a Legal Savings Plan.
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