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CMS Medsup Comparison Chart

Learning about Medicare supplement plans can help you prepare for your financial future. If you’re nearing age 65, it’s time to consider your options for a Medicare supplement policy.

But what do you need to know about Medicare supplemental insurance, which is also called Medigap?

You Need Medicare First

To qualify for Medicare supplement plans, you must first have Original Medicare. You become eligible for both at the same time, so it makes sense to get a Medicare supplement right after you enroll in Medicare.

At a minimum, you need Medicare Parts A and B before an insurance company can sell you a supplemental policy. You can also get Part D, which covers prescription medications.

Medicare Coverage Choices Summary Chart

Part A&B

Part C

Part D

Primary reasons to enroll

You want basic Medicare coverage from the government
You want one plan that combines the coverage of Medicare Parts A & B and that may include Part D coverage plus extra benefits
You want a standalone drug plan to add to your Medicare coverage

Offered through a private company

Allows you to see any provider who accepts Medicare

(some plans)
NA (you can use any network pharmacy)

Covers overnight hospital stays

Covers medical care, like doctor visits

Covers prescription drugs

(may include)

Offers low or $0 co-pays

(some services)

Offers low or $0 deductibles

(some plans)
(some plans)

Limits your out-of-pocket costs

Covers preventive services, like flu shots

Covers additional benefits and services

(most plans)

Offers low or $0 additional monthly premium for prescription drug coverage

(may include)

You’ll Pay Two Premiums

Medigap insurance doesn’t replace Original Medicare. Instead, it comes as a second premium through a private insurer. In other words, you’ll pay your regular Medicare premium, plus an additional premium for your Medicare supplement.

Now that you’re more familiar with how Medigap works, start shopping for the best supplemental plan for you and your spouse.

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