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What is Medicare Advantage?

What is Medicare Advantage?

Denise Austin and Ensurem’s virtual Medicare Assistant, Emma, walk you through the basics of Medicare Advantage. Learn things like what Medicare Advantage covers, how Medicare Advantage Plans work with Medicare and the costs of Medicare Advantage. See why Medicare Advantage is considered an “all-in-one” plan that replaces your Original Medicare with added benefits, like dental, vision, hearing, prescription drug coverage and more for as little as $0 a month.

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Who is Denise Austin?

Denise Austin is a best selling author and the creator of the Fit Over 50 magazine. As a lifestyle and fitness icon, living a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle is her speciality, and at age 65 , protecting that lifestyle is her number one priority. As Ensurem’s brand ambassador, she’s passionate about helping other do the same.

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Who is Emma?

Emma is Ensurem’s virtual Medicare Assistant. She helps Medicare shoppers determine what type of Medicare solution is right for them. She can help you decide if Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement is right for your needs, compare plans, and in many cases, enroll in coverage all online.

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Enroll Your Way

Shop and enroll on your own time with Emma

Have our virtual assistant, Emma, guide you through the Medicare plan selection and enrollment process.


Shop and enroll over the phone with an agent

Speak with one of our licensed insurance agents who can guide you through the Medicare plan selection and enrollment process.